Dr. Mary Jo Wright is a highly-trusted surgeon in El Paso, TX

Incredible experience and patient satisfaction

Dr. Wright is a board-certified surgeon through the American Board of Plastic Surgery and Fellow American College of Surgeons. She has more than 20 years of surgical experience, including several fellowships across the country and serving two tours in Iraq as an Army Commander of a Forward Surgical Team. During this time in which she worked in trauma care surgery, Dr. Wright found her passion for helping others after life- and body-altering traumas.

Dr. Wright uses her expertise in reconstructive surgery to help women restore their physiques, self-image and confidence after traumatic procedures, including breast biopsies, partial breast removals, and breast mastectomies. She sits down with each of her patients to discuss body image issues and surgical goals to tailor a course of treatment and procedures to suit the needs of the patient. Dr. Wright offers procedures for the body, face, breasts, and skin.

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Dr. Wright specializes in reconstructive surgery to help her patients feel whole again after life and body altering traumas. Schedule a consultation with her to discuss your reconstructive goals today.

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